Chris Pratt’s sweetest family moments, shared (PHOTOS)

7 of the most adorable Instagram moments between actor Chris Pratt, wife Anna Faris and their little boy, Jack. We guarantee you’ll smile at #2.

Chris Pratt arrives at 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' premiere. Axelle Bauer-Griffin | FilmMagic

In a recent office poll of women, 100% of the participants named actor Chris Pratt as their celebrity crush.

OK, so it wasn’t the largest of sample sizes: the poll might have been taken at just one office, and the participants may have only included the For Her staff … but does that make it any less true? Scientifically, sure. In our hearts? No way. And it seems the six million followers who “heart” his Instagram posts agree. (Though I feel I should add that family man Matt Damon was a firm second place. He’s welcome to come pick up his trophy at any time.)

Aside from the fact that Pratt is funny and talented, the Guardians of the Galaxy actor has an enthusiasm for life that feels unparalleled by most of the people I follow on Instagram (celebrity or not). At 37, he is passionate about his movies, nature, God, and his beautiful family: wife, Anna Faris, 39, and son, Jack Pratt, 3. Sure, there are promos and trailers mixed in with the little slices of life @PrattPrattPratt offers up, but most just feel like a Dad with a camera: genuine, goofy, and loving. Just take a look.

He takes time to hunt rainbows

Pratt’s sense of adventure seems to be alive in everything he does, especially in his parenting of Jack. He fully shares in his son’s child-like wonderment. But he also knows that no matter what adventure they go on, he’s already found the pot of gold at the end: his family. (If reading his caption on this one doesn’t give you any feels, you may need to have your heart checked.)

He cooks breakfast like a total Dad

The sign of a loving father? One who eagerly tries to impress his kid with the little things. Like, oh, say, his super-Dad pancake skills. The lone flapjack in the video (with wobbly edges and two strawberries for eyes) is supposed to look like the face of Donald Duck, but sadly, Jack just doesn’t see it. “Where’s the tail?” he says.

He has play-dates with his wife

Come on wind!!!

A video posted by chris pratt (@prattprattpratt) on

Even though there wasn’t any wind, this kite video made hearts everywhere soar. It’s so cute to see how Chris and Anna, a 30-something married couple, can be silly together on a beautiful summer day. Pratt’s encouraging voice, asking the wind to help the kite to fly, and the faux-defeated look on Anna’s face is hilarious. It just doesn’t matter that the kite is going nowhere.

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He loves going fishing with his son

This little dude is bass fishing crazy. Just like his daddy!

A photo posted by chris pratt (@prattprattpratt) on

Nothing beats sharing a past-time with Dad in the great outdoors. It’s clear from Pratt’s many fishing photos and videos that he is hoping to pass on the joy and peace he finds in bass fishing to his little one.

… and he teaches him to conserve, too

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A photo posted by chris pratt (@prattprattpratt) on

Pratt is definitely a nature-lover with a strong respect for mother earth and its animals. Every now and then, he’ll post about wildlife conservation, and here you can see him teaching his son about respect for the majesty of all living things. That’s pretty cool, Dad Pratt.

He rocks out & relaxes with Anna

#RockingChairCutie #MorningPorch #CountryCats #MilkInSaucer I love the country so much.

A photo posted by chris pratt (@prattprattpratt) on

Talk about a porch we’d love to have morning coffee on! One of the cutest things about Pratt’s instagram is the candid photos he takes of his wife (eating, drinking, lounging, laughing), almost always with a sweet comment about how beautiful she is. This time she was simply a #rockingchaircutie, but he’s posted others with captions that say, “this woman is good lookin’,” or “My wife is all things…” #awww.

He truly enjoys being a parent

Pratt’s posts often reflect on the joys of fatherhood, and they are always surprisingly insightful, like this one where he realizes the beauty of re-watching The Wizard of Oz with Jack. Also, please note Anna’s little pedicured feet cuddled with Pratt’s in the photo as they sit together, admiring their son. The whole picture, though not the most aesthetically pretty, is beautiful because that feeling of family love and gratitude.

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