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An extreme budget changed how I feel about money

Struggling financially can be a humbling experience. One woman used her money troubles to look beyond her own needs, and see the needs of those less fortunate.

Preparing for lasting intimacy in marriage

A strong and fulfilling sexual relationship after marriage takes some work and reflection before you tie the knot. Here are 5 tips all engaged couples should read and know.

Unforgettable designer wedding dresses—right off the runway

How to spiritually prepare for your marriage

What role will your values and beliefs play in your married life? Three couples share the unique ways they've made room for spirituality as they get ready to say "I do."

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An exclusive wedding guide for elegant brides!

Everything you need to make your wedding day a beautiful celebration of love that will last a lifetime.

5 real ways being a mom makes you stronger

Motherhood makes women strong in so many surprising, beautiful ways. Do you regularly flex these five mom muscles?

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30 sleek and chic one-piece swimsuits for every body

The best non-bikinis for every size, shape and comfort level.

Chanel holds historic fashion show in Cuba

Chanel's vibrant Cuban-inspired Cruise collection debuted on the streets of Havana this week.

Tech-chic: best dressed stars at the Met Gala

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3 positivity strategies for bad-mood days

A recent study suggests that some people have a gene that helps boost their happiness levels. But, if you don't have it, is that an excuse to grumble through life?

Rustic homemade pizza party with breadsticks & fruit tiramisu

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10 uniquely romantic spring date ideas

It's time to ditch your Fandango and Netflix plans. These original date ideas are guaranteed to spice up your Friday or Saturday night, even when the forecast isn't in your favor.

The keys to jumpstarting any conversation

Use these 6 successful strategies from experts and moms to spark more entertaining chit-chat, whether you're at a PTA meeting or a party where you don't know many other people.

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