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13 ways to up-style a plain white shirt

From chic to sassy, these clever tips will transform your basic whites into things of beauty. Pretty soon, you'll be wearing them every day of the week!

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Is love dead? The great affliction of Brad and Angie's divorce

Just because a celebrity's marriage doesn’t last doesn’t mean ours are doomed.

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6 Emmys moments we can't stop talking about (PHOTOS)

No awards show is complete without a few surprising laughs ... or a few genuinely beautiful moments. Here's what stood out to us at the Emmy Awards this year.

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Adele's big lifestyle change is great for her family (but not for her fans)

“I’ve never gelled very well with touring as I’m a real homebody.”

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Express DIY: turn a basic sweatshirt into a must-have bomber jacket

Introduce a bit of fun into your wardrobe with this funky bomber jacket of your own making--it's the perfect season for it!

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An invitation to breastfeed in church (and to stop fighting about it)

Breastfeeding is not a debate, it’s an opportunity for compassion.

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The miraculous life of Gianna Masciantonio, a little girl kissed by the Pope

It's a miracle that she survived long enough to be born, and now the baby who has defied all the odds is turning two.

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What Aristotle taught me about the 3 types of friends

What was true thousands of years ago still holds up: There are three types of friendships in a person's life. Aim for "the goodness."

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A 30-hour work week could be the key to a more peaceful world

What if we didn’t strive to both work and earn more, and instead had a holistic view of how we steward our resources—including our money and time and our relationships?

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Isabella Rossellini, the master of reinvention, starts a new chapter at 64

Isabella Rossellini, that icon of fierce femininity, shows us that there are both new frontiers for women and new expansive definitions of beauty—and that we are not limited by age.

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