13 quotes about fear that will make you braver

A collection of inspiring quotations that will banish your feelings of fright, and inspire courage.

This time of year, scary and unearthly things abound: from spooky Halloween costumes on the street to creepy movies on TV. Many of us also struggle to face fear in our deeper spiritual lives, confronting thoughts about death and remembering those who have passed away on All Saints’ Day (November 1) and All Souls’ day (November 2).

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So it’s a good time of year to talk about fear—and reflect on how to move past it or make the best of it while we’re still living. These wise words from courageous souls will help you acknowledge what you’re afraid of, and inspire you to feel just a little bit braver, no matter what it is that frightens you.

Natalie van der Meer
Natalie van der Meer
Senior Editor Natalie van der Meer is a former editor for Redbook, Woman's Day, Reader's Digest and Allure, covering fashion, beauty, travel, family, book reviews, and much more. She lives in New York City.

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