10 colorful kites in modern designs

Let your inner child soar up to the highest height with these classic and cute kites.

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In parts of the Middle East and India, kite flying is more than just a hobby. In some cultures it’s even a prime sporting event, with the main objective being to slice the other flier’s kite strings with your own, until you’re the last kite in the sky. The best-selling novel, The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini caused a resurgence, bringing the game to international fame and making kite flying more popular than ever. Here in the United States, our kite-flying traditions can best be attributed to the well-loved Disney musical Mary Poppins and the iconic song “Let’s Go Fly A Kite.” Here’s a clip of that joyous scene if you need a refresher (or just a pick-me-up):

As the weather gets warmer, keep the tradition alive by picking up one of these pretty kites, then spend the afternoon flying up, up, and away!

Hip 30-inch diamond kite If red isn’t your color, opt for this bold and brightly patterned diamond kite instead. Trust us, your little princess will be a huge fan of the zigzag pattern as it weaves across the open sky ($22, Kitty Hawk Kites).
Micron Purple kite Feeling the need for speed? Good for an intermediate flyer, this kite is bold, durable and fast ($60, Prism Kites).
Battle Baron Durable ripstop nylon and a fiberglass frame create a long-lasting red tri-plane kite with black and white accents. The best part? It comes with life-like battle damage graphics ($34, Kites.com).
Custom Dragonfly kite Nothing says lazy summer days quite like dragonflies! Perfect for any age or skill level, this kite will fly high, and look cute doing it ($30, Kitty Hawk Kites).
Classic Hata kite Keep to the basics with a simple, bright red kite your kids are guaranteed to love. Small enough for the smallest of hands, this kite will fly for everyone ($20, Into the Wind).
EO-6 Cellular box kite In short: the coolest kite, well, ever. This flyer is a dynamic box kite, which lets it move in unexpected ways as it flies, and each kite is unique and eye-catching. Plus, despite its intricate pattern, there’s no assembly required which means your family members can start soaring right away ($40, Kitty Hawk Kites).
Cool Jellyfish kite If you’re headed to the beach, don’t leave home without this quirky purple jellyfish kite. You’ll have a blast watching it’s colorful tentacles twirling in the wind and swimming across the sky all afternoon ($29, Pro Kites USA).
Kid’s Delta kite A colorful alternative to the classic diamond shape above, this Kid’s Delta Kite is made with ripstop nylon and fiberglass spars for a durable toy that will entertain your kids all season long ($30, Into the Wind).
Fringe Delta Orbit kite Budget-friendly and fun, this kite is perfect for testing the sport out for the first time at the park around the corner ($10, Premier Designs).
X-Kites 3D Supersize Pirate Ship This sky-worthy kite looks complicated, but is easy enough for any young scallywag to handle. The fun design is perfect for a pirate-themed party, or just everyday use ($31, Jet.com).

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