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The Olympic games are back again, and For Her is cheering on Team USA with unique stories, exclusive athlete interviews, and so much more. Join us as we celebrate the spirit of Rio 2016.

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The Olympics disappears from memory just long enough to delight us all when it re-emerges four years later. Each new Olympic contest is an occasion to remember past games and highlights, both personally, and as a country: what everyone was talking about during the 1988 Seoul Olympics or the 1976 Montreal games; how we felt about Mary Lou Retton or Michael Phelps or FloJo. We remember the houses we lived in then, the family and friends we watched with, what was happening in the world at that time. The Olympics are markers in the passage of our lives and in the history of the world: countries rise and fall, events—both beautiful and horrifying—unfold on the world stage, and yet the Olympics continues on, a connection with people both near and far, eternally carrying its torch.

And why is it such a connection? Why do we feel a kinship with, say, the people of France or Korea, when we are cheering for different athletes, for different countries than they are? Well, they are cheering, and we are cheering—and somehow it doesn’t matter that they’re hopeful for their athletes and we’re excited for ours. We are united in the sheer joy of cheering, of being exuberantly proud of a compatriot, even a compatriot we don’t personally know. The athletes, sometimes, are just avatars upon which we project our own dreams—to be the best, to really nail it this time, to be graceful even in the face of defeat, to support one another, and to finally, after years of hard work, feel our goals come true, whatever they may be.

We’re so proud to be launching For Her‘s Olympics coverage, Spirit of Rio 2016. We have some wonderful stories lined up for you, from a “must-watch” viewing guide to an exclusive interview with the incomparable Paige McPherson, this year’s TaeKwondo powerhouse. We have essays by writers describing what the games mean to them personally: a heartfelt piece by Brenda Becker about how the Olympics provided her with an unlikely channel of grace during her most difficult times, and another moving story by Terryn Hall on what watching the stylish and fierce black female Olympians gave her as a little girl. You’ll learn how to host the quintessential Olympics-watching party, complete with authentic Brazilian food, and we’ll even help you decide which movies you should watch to get you totally pumped up for this year’s games.

We hope you enjoy the Rio Olympics fully, and that you’ll help us cheer on all of the amazing athletes—men and women, young and old—all the way to the finish line.

—The Editors of For Her

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Leigh Anderson
Leigh Anderson
Leigh Anderson is the author of "The Games Bible: The Rules, The Gear, The Strategies" (Workman, 2010) and has written for Vox, Newsweek.com, and Popular Science, among others.

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