Deliciously festive Christmas cakes for you & yours

10 crowd-pleasing cakes to serve at your holiday party, or with Christmas eve dinner. Your kids will love #5: a reindeer cake!

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No baked good wows a crowd quite like a cake. Better still, cakes are meant to be shared with a crowd. You and your loved ones have so much to be thankful for this season, and a beautiful Christmas cake is a relatively easy way to commemorate your blessings during this festive time of year (without spending too much money or toiling away for hours on end).

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Even if you don’t consider yourself a baker, we think these cakes are too stunning not to try. Get your family to pitch in and share the experience of baking a cake together: it’s the perfect excuse for wearing your cutest aprons and taking a flour-covered family photo to share with Grandma and Grandpa. Because the real point of baking anything is to share it with the people who take up a big place in your heart.

Holly cake

This elegant rosemary and pomegranate creation by Sara Tso at Matchbox Kitchen (but you can also find it on would not be complete without its adorable holly wreath. It’s a sweetly chic way to incorporate all of the traditional Christmas colors without getting kitschy. And the spiced flavor will be a wonderful complement to all of the sweets that usually abound at holiday parties.

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Pine tree forest cake

Believe it or not, this precious pine tree forest cake by Country Living can be made in two and a half hours. Don’t think those pine trees are just for decoration, either. They’re actually made of candy and, yes, therefore edible. What a treat! Small children will see this cake and think they’ve stumbled upon the forest outside of Santa’s workshop.

White chocolate cherry cake

This white chocolate cherry cake by Be Good Organics is an ideal winter flavor combo and, as far as cakes go, kind of good for you. The recipe is plant-based and draws from whole foods, which is a nutritional thumbs up. It also contains the traditional Christmas cake ingredients of raisins, lemon rind, nutmeg, and a couple other familiar items. But there are some very important substitutions and omissions you’ll notice, too.

Candy cane cake

It just doesn’t feel like Christmas without candy canes … lots of candy canes. This delightful cake created by Raspberri Cupcakes truly makes the most of the red and white striped holiday favorite. Apart from the candy canes (which your little bakers will love inserting into the cake’s top), everyone will enjoy the moist texture and fluffy icing. One caveat: be careful cutting this lovely lady! She’s a little messy so you may want to leave the task to Mom and Dad rather than the kids.

Reindeer cake

Rudolph fans will adore this red-nosed, antlered cake by Hobbycraft. The flavor of the cake is up to you, but the styling is crucial here. Chocolate frosting (yum!) is a must, as is poppy red icing, and a relatively short list of other items to make those friendly googly eyes and giant antlers. This is one you’ll have fun making, eating, and talking about for years to come.

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Eggnog cake

Can’t get enough of eggnog? Don’t worry. It’s not just for drinking. This cake by The Cake Blog demonstrates just how easy it is for eggnog to be an edible treat, too. This creamy spice cake isn’t as ornate as some of the other cakes, but that’s part of its charm—and we promise that it’s anything but bland.

Chocolate raspberry tree cake

Were you concerned that there weren’t enough chocolate-y cakes in this line-up? Have no fear, chocolate lovers! This cake by Chocolate & Carrots delivers on its cocoa promise. It boasts dark chocolate cake layers, dark chocolate ganache, and dark chocolate trees to boot. There is, of course, raspberry filling and vanilla buttercream frosting as well … just to make it a well-balanced treat.

Gingerbread cake

Forget complicated gingerbread houses, make this cake by Supergolden Bakes instead; it’s tastier and takes half the time. The meringue kisses taste like gingerbread cookies … and don’t even get us started on the cinnamon cream cheese frosting!

Chocolate meringue cake

Here’s another take on meringue that we’re sure you’ll covet as much as we do: a chocolate meringue cake by The Artful Desperado. It’s a decadent treat that looks amazing on your holiday table, and is sure to please even the pickiest of meringue lovers.

Santa hat cheesecake bites

These cheesecake bites by Cooking Classy make for bitty morsels that are great for sharing at holiday parties, or as treats for your kids’ class. Plus, this recipe isn’t quite as rich as all those chocolate cakes above, but just as festive. Just look at those fresh-fruit Santa hats! Adorable.


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