3 body-boosting green juices

These all-natural green juice recipes will give you more energy, glowing skin, and keep away springtime sniffles.

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As the world around blooms and greens up, so does our desire to get healthy—in the way we live, and in the way we eat. So if there’s a season to start fresh and get into the nutritional super-trend that is green juice, spring seems to be it. Green juices, usually made with spinach, celery, or cucumber, are a hydrating way to sneak more veggies into your daily diet, whether as a post-workout revitalizer or a tasty start to your morning.

Though it’s easy enough to visit your favorite juice bars or pick up a variety of pre-bottled juices at supermarkets (usually a whopping $10 per bottle), it can be worth it to make your own. If you have a juicer, or, even a blender and a sieve, making your own juice is also an easy way to control what goes in your juice—and what doesn’t.

With that in mind, our editors have gathered a few of the freshest, healthiest, and (you guessed it) greenest recipes from around the web. Each one offers a key nutritional benefit for your body—and each can be easily modified depending on what’s in stock or freshest at your local market, or even based on your mood. Feeling spicy? Add a dash of cayenne. Feeling mellow? Just go easy on the citrus. The beauty of juices, many chefs admit, is that the recipe can be tweaked without much taste consequence (unlike baking, where a pinch more salt than called for might spoil the whole thing).

With these simple-to-blend recipes, being green has never been easier—or more delicious!

The glow-booster

glasses of green juice with mint

Photo courtesy of The Blonde Chef

The Blonde Chef credits her “powerhouse” cucumber-basil-grapefruit-mint juice with keeping her skin positively glowing day in and day out. So if you’re feeling a little pale and tired after winter, give her 15-minute recipe for glow juice a try. (Serves two large glasses—one for now and one for later!)



2 cucumbers (peeled)
5-6 sprigs of fresh basil
2 mint leaves
the juice of 2 grapefruits
1 cup of cold water
1 tbsp of coconut sugar
¼ cantaloupe


1. Place all of the ingredients into a food processor and blend until completely smooth.

2. Place a mesh strainer over a medium-sized bowl (mine latched on so it made the process a bit easier). Then lay a cheese cloth over the top.

3. Pour the juice mixture over the cheesecloth then pick up the outside edges of the cloth and bring together, then squeeze the pulp to release any remaining juice.

4. Once finished, either serve immediately or refrigerate.

The spring allergy cure

green juice in a jar with parsley

Photo courtesy of Vibrant Bean

Gina Eagan, at VibrantBean, claims her cucumber-pineapple-lemon-ginger-parsley-apple juice keeps her allergies at bay. Always good news for this time of year when noses start to twitch and eyes itch. Feeling like a cold is coming on? Amp up the ginger, which has a potent taste, but is well known for it’s immune-boosting properties.


1 cucumber
1 cup of fresh pineapple, if frozen let defrost
2 lemons, most of the skins cut off
large knob of ginger
1/2 cup or more of parsley
1 apple—option, to take out tartness


Wash all vegetables and fruits well. Cut off any peels. Process all through a juicer and enjoy !

The nutrient-rich mango-twist

Jar of green juice with a glass filled

Photo courtesy of Love.Life.Eat

Felicia Sullivan’s mango-spinach-kale smoothie, shared on her blog Love.Life.Eat, packs a nutrient punch! The ingredients boost your fiber, your vitamins, and your minerals. It’s good for your skin, for digestion, for preventing cancer. (So the better question to ask of this juice, is what doesn’t it help your body do?) And, it’s good for your taste buds, too: especially if bitter green juices have failed you in the past. The natural mango sweetener in this coconut-water infused smoothie doesn’t cower beneath the greens.


1 cup of chopped mango
1 cup of kale leaves (not the curly kind), packed
1 cup of spinach leaves, packed
1 apple, cut and cored
1/2 cup coconut water


If you’re mad, like me, and made the fortuitous leap to procure a Vitamix blender, simply add all of the ingredients and blitz away for 30 seconds–minute on high. You may need the plunger to ensure that the fruits get evenly diced.

If you’re of the normal stock, you can absolutely enjoy this smoothie by blitzing this in a blender and using a fine mesh strainer. Simply pour out your smoothie into a strainer nestled on top of a bowl and you’ll have a delicious morning elixir.

Caryn Rivadeneira
Caryn Rivadeneira
Caryn Rivadeneira is the author of five books and is a columnist for Her.meneutics and ThinkChristian. She lives outside Chicago with her husband, three kids, and one red-nose pit bull. Visit her at carynrivadeneira.com.